Rubber mats Gledring

The products of presented through video clips.


Gledring car mats are Slovenian products made from human friendly materials, have a pleasant smell and do not contain any toxic impurities.

Rubber mats are manufactured exactly according to dimensions of individual cars, feature high edges and provide an excellent protection of your car against dirt. They come with fixing stoppers, which ensure that mats stay in place.

Mats are recognisable by their unique design, which prevents the accumulation of dirt along the embossed lines of the mats. They are very simple to clean and maintain: all you need is water and a sponge.


You can choose your Gledring tailored rubber mats, which are manufactured exactly according to the dimensions of your car, at the following link:




The company Gledring has developed a customized cleaner for dry cleaning and the additional impregnation of its Gledring rubber mats.

The customized cleaner for dry cleaning enables fast and efficient cleaning of the Gledring rubber mats in your car without the use of water, even in case of persistent stains.

Due to additional impregnation, the cleaner, if used regularly, will make your rubber mats look brand new.

This eco-friendly cleaner is water-based (H2O) and does not contain any strong detergents or chemicals, which makes it safe for the environment and human health.

The 500ml of the cleaner are sufficient for more than 25 cleanings of the whole set of Gledring rubber mats.