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Withcar O nas

Online shop for quality vehicle accessories.

In addition to the best quality products, we are also known for our comprehensive customer service, and quality logistics. Here you will find a wide range of products from well-established manufacturers on the global and European markets, all in one place

More about us

Why order from

Caring for our customers

In our online shop customer satisfaction always comes first. The results of the survey on customer satisfaction showed that 97% of our customers would repeat their purchase.

Tailor-made products for your vehicle

We are specialists in selling car accessories that are 100% tailor-made for your vehicle.

Highest product quality standards

We represent only the world's highest quality brands in the automotive industry. Most of our business partners work directly for the OEM automotive industry.

Fast and on-time delivery and in-stock management

Our website operates with its own stock, so 95% of packages are dispatched within 24 hours of the order being taken.

Purchase directly from the manufacturer

Withcar is the online shop of the Gledring company, a manufacturer of rubber car and trunk mats, operating under its own brand name.

Comprehensive customer service

With its extensive knowledge of the Withcar products, our expert team is always available by phone, email and through the social networks.

100 % safe purchase

We offer a warranty and satisfaction guarantee on our products. We are a trusted Slovenian company that cares about protecting your data and respecting your privacy, including using a secure SSL connection.

Family-run company since 1949

We are a 3rd generation of a traditional family-run company supplying the market with quality products.


  • I've already ordered twice from the Withcar online store. There was a mistake on the second order, where they sent me the wrong product (it happens). However, the complaint was resolved immediately, and they even sent me a small gift. I recommend buying!

    Marko L.
  • I have ordered from you for the second time the standard car mats, and I am very satisfied with them, they're of great quality and fit very well.

    Matea G.
  • I picked up my package today. The car and trunk mats are absolutely fantastic ...very, very satisfied - more than expected...Also, I'm very satisfied with the GLS delivery service.

    David S.
  • I must say that you do a very good job and that you are very correct, because everything can be arranged with you, which is something I am not used to with most companies...I have received the pins for the side door windows and they fit perfectly. Thank you for resolving the complaint in such a helpful and friendly manner, I wish you a nice day.

    Thomas P.
  • I had your first car mats in my Yugo 45 when they still had to be cut out of the standard ones. Since then I have changed 7 cars and in all of them there were your car mats.

    Alex Z.
  • We have trusted your rubber car mats for many years and they are excellent (for bmw).

    family Novak
  • The friendliest staff I contacted ordered a car mat and received it the next day, super, I recommend buying it to everyone.

  • In summer and winter, always the Gledring rubber car mats, simply beautiful and functional.

    Robert F.
  • In all of our vehicles, the entire family exclusively uses Gledring car and trunk mats. We are very happy with them as they don't have any unpleasant rubber smell, if you have any white trainers they don't leave any black marks and anyway they are great to clean.

    Tania F.

Luka Gledj

Director of the Withcar company

The goal of our company and our entire team is to provide you with a complete online experience and, together with our high-quality products, to meet all your needs.

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