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  • About Withcar

We are a young, professional and passionate Withcar team, working within the Slovenian manufacturing company Gledring d.o.o., which was founded in 1949. Our mission is to provide a complete online experience with a wide choice of tailored car accessories to suit your needs.

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our story

  • Establishment of the Gledring Ltd.

    Launch of boutique rubber products with a strong focus on excellent quality, which is still our core principle.

    Gledring ustanovitev


  • Start of production of rubber car mats

    Our activities were marked by the beginning of the production of universal rubber car mats for passenger cars, which, as the pioneers in this field on the Slovenian market, secured us a reputation in the automotive industry. This resulted in the fact that, over the years, our company name has become synonymous with rubber car mats, which most of our customers simply refer to as "gledrings".

    Zagon proizvodnje gumi tepihov


  • Setting up the Withcar.si online store

    Modern times have brought with them new ways of placing products on the market - through online sales. With the arrival of a new generation and the introduction of fresh ideas and approaches, the company has created the first online store in Slovenia with selected products tailored to the needs of each vehicle. Over the years, the Withcar brand has proven to be both innovative in a wide range of products and excellent in supporting its customers. In addition to Slovenia, Withcar is a renowned online store throughout Europe.

    Ustanovitev spletne trgovine Withcar.si


  • Looking to the future

    Together, Gledring and Withcar are a large, effective and successful team, serving their customers in more than 50 countries around the world. Gledring through its wholesale network, and Withcar through its online sales. So, our own products - the rubber car and trunk mats, the products of our suppliers, which we offer in our online store as well as our online platform, are all of the highest quality. Our vision is striving for perfection, which is also our biggest goal for the future.

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