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The EVO II hail cover is the perfect choice for all users who want to protect their vehicle from hail or other weather conditions. Thick anti-impact foam protects your vehicle along its entire length, and it is additionally reinforced at the most stressed parts. The car cover modification also added additional side protection, an additional central tarp fastening, an opening for air flow and moisture prevention, and a bag for easier storage of the folded hail cover.

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NEW! 4X improved EVO II cover.

Hail cover manufacturer Wagner adds a few improvements every year that significantly improve vehicle protection and improve the user experience. The EVOII hail car cover is thus the highest quality car protection against hail on the market. The modification includes a three-point attachment of the anti-hail bag to the vehicle, additional protection on the side of the vehicle, which covers a larger area, an opening that allows ventilation of the bag and prevents moisture retention. In addition to the bag for storing the hail bag, a new bag has been added to the package for easier storage.
The bags are available in 4 different sizes: M, L, XL and XXL. Find the cover that is suitable for your car in the table below.

4x IMPROVED HAIL COVER EVO II - newest modifications

Additional side protection

The cover is upgraded with additional side protections, which significantly help protect the sides of the vehicle when hail falls.

Additional central fastening

Fastening on the front and rear bumper + central fastening.

Anti-condensation opening

Openings that ensure air flow under the cover (prevent condensation).

Bag for easy storage

An additional bag is also added to the package for easier storage.

Additional side protection on the headgear

Manufacturer Wagner has upgraded many years of experience in the production of anti-hail car covers with the new generation EVO II, which offers your car significantly better protection against hail than the previous series or any other anti-hail covers for passenger vehicles on the market. A very important modification is the additional side protection that protects the vehicle on the sides. The straight sides are a problem, as they come between the junction of two surfaces that form an angle. If hail hits the joint, it can deform the sheet metal, which means that the vehicle will have to be hammered.

Additional central fastening - 3x fastening

In strong winds, it often happens that the wind gets under the car cover and then blows it away. This is precisely why the Wagner company added to the modification of the EVO II hail shield, in addition to the classic fastening on the front and rear bumper, a central safety belt that prevents the hail shield from blowing away. The system performs extremely well in practice, which is confirmed by satisfied users every year.

Opening against condensation - designed for longer use

The opening for condensation is a very important functionality that was added during the modification, as it prevents the retention of moisture under the vehicle and enables faster and easier drying even on the vehicle. In this way, the hail cover is also intended for longer storage of the vehicle and additional work. However, we advise that the anti-hail car cover applies to a dry vehicle, otherwise, remove the hail and dry it well before the next use.

Bag for easy storage

The package also includes a durable and large bag for easier storage. Until now, it was very difficult to put a folded car tarp back into its original storage bag, as the folded tarp was also too big. That's why Wagner added a durable bag designed for unlimited use. The car cover can be folded and stored by the user by folding the bag 3x widthwise and then rolling it lengthwise. You will have no problem storing such content in an additional storage bag.
  • Hail not only causes damage to crops, but can also severely damage your steel horse. The best protection for a car against hail is of course a garage, but if you don't have one, a special bag for protection against hail is also very useful. It is made of multi-layer material and therefore effectively protects the surface of the vehicle even from stronger hail. It is available in several standard sizes and thus suitable for different types and sizes of vehicles. You simply unfold the car cover over your vehicle and secure it with special straps, thus preventing this weather nuisance from damaging your vehicle. The repair of even minor damage can be quite demanding and represents an unnecessary expense, and even if the repair is covered by the insurance company, it still has a negative effect on the value of the vehicle.
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